John F. Murphy Homes

We all long for a place to call home. Home means many things to many people. At JFM, home is where we are safe. Home is where we are loved. Home is where we are surrounded by people who respect and honor our contributions as valued members of our community. Since 1977, people with intellectual disabilities, other developmental disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder have been calling JFM just that... home.

JFM is one of the nation’s premiere providers of these services and the leading provider in the Greater Lewiston-Auburn area. Our dedicated and committed professionals utilize best practices and the latest developments in the field of direct support and education to provide learning opportunities, community integration and compassionate care to those we support and their families.


Meeting every level of needs for adults living in the Greater Lewiston-Auburn area, JFM offers a diverse array of supports and services tailored to the individual. These include:

  • Long-term Residential Settings
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Community Support Programs
  • Shared Living Partnerships
  • Employment Services
  • Case Management

Our Margaret Murphy Centers for Children provide a high quality educational and personal growth environment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Whiting Farm is a local Maine farm providing a wide variety of vegetables, seedlings and planters. Whiting Farm's mission is to employ and mentor the people we serve in developing life skills that will be useful towards achieving their personal and community goals.

Professional Development

JFM provides certification training and professional development workshops which are open to the public and professionals from any agency.

Our goal is to provide training that satisfies state certification requirements as well as professional development workshops, while expanding best practices throughout Maine. As guidelines and information are revised and updated, curricula is promptly modified by our training professionals. We are committed to ensuring high quality, relevant learning opportunities for those who support adults with intellectual disabilities.

View our Certification Training course listings.