Residential Services

A home, not just a place to live.

The developmental disability service system has migrated over the years from large institutions to group homes to the current model of a flexible and dynamic system focused on the individual being fully integrated into their home community.

At JFM our 54 Residential facilities offer a wide-range of living options – from independent living with minimal staff support to full range 24-hour a day dedicated staff. These include family-style shared homes, mini-apartments with a common area, and single apartments or homes with a roommate – each designed to meet the individual’s need and offer a sense of security and well-being.

JFM utilizes an in-depth initial evaluation process to ensure each individual is matched with their best-fit living environment. Prospective residents and their guardians meet with our staff to identify the individual’s needs and interests. After a pre-visit to tour potentially compatible homes one or more homes are selected for a longer visit. This allows the individual and guardian to ‘sample’ different home environments for a long-term positive experience.

This very individualized process may take up to several weeks but based on JFM’s long track record of success we believe this is time well – spent for JFM and the individual and his family/guardian.